Promotion of the Month

July 2024

Microneedling Promotion

Exclusive NEW patient purchase of 3 Series Micronedling Package comes with a FREE Pro-Max Age Renewal for $1500.

Microneedling is a cosmedic procedure involving sterile needle pinpricks to the face with the use of plasma and growth factors from each cliens blood to generate collagen production while smoothing, firming and hydrating the skin for long lasting anti-aging benefits.  

Paired with PCA's Pro-Max Age Renewal home treatment serium which is clinically proven to lift and firm the appearance of skin. While conventional growth factors sit on the surface of skin, the patent-pending Micro Growth Factor Technology (MGF) in Pro-Max Age Renewal penetrates 10x deeper than conventional growth factors to support collagen production and reduce the appearance of sagging, loss of volume, lack of firmness, and wrinkles.

Savings Discounts:

Microneedling Package savings of $225

Pro-Max Retails at $219

Neurotoxin Promotion

Purchase $350 in a single treatment of any neurotoxin and receive a take home bottle of PCA's ExLinea Pro Peptide Serum FREE

Neurotoxins are peptides that temporarily paralize muscle contrations.  Maximize results with ExLinea Pro Peptide Serum.  This dedicated peptide blend helps lift, tighten, and firm skin for a younger-looking, while strengthens skin by improving epidermal thickness, reduces skin roughness for a smoother skin texture and increases moisturization and hydration retention.  Apply this twice a day at home for best results.